How To: Create A Schedule With Brivo Onair


Learn how to create a schedule for your Brivo Onair access control solution – the interface is intuitive and easy to use.


Brivo Onair, the cloud-based access control solution, is easy to administer using any web browser on any computer. The interface is intuitive and easy to use.

In this short video, you’ll learn how to create a schedule for your Brivo Onair system.

  1. Draw a block of time for which general access should be allowed in the schedule grid. In the Monday column, click on the start or end time, drag up or down with your cursor, then release. As you drag, a portion of the column will be highlighted, indicating the period of general access. When you release your cursor, the block snaps to the nearest hour.
  2. If you want to adjust the general access period to a fraction of an hour, just as 7:45, use the Block fields underneath the name of the schedule. Enter and desired hour and minute in the Start and/or End fields to adjust the time. When you have the times set correctly, click the Update Block button. With Brivo Onair, our cloud-based platform takes care of the heavy lifting for your access control system—and you can access and administer it from anywhere, using any computer with a web browser. Our intuitive interface is designed to make your work as a system administrator as straightforward and simple as possible.  

Here’s how to create a schedule for your Brivo Onair access control solution:

  1. After you’ve successfully logged in to your Brivo Onair account, hover your mouse over the Setup tab in the top menu bar, go down to Schedules in the drop-down menu, then click on New Schedule in the submenu.
  2. On the New Schedule page, enter a descriptive name for the schedule you’re creating in the Schedule Name field.
  3. If the schedule is being created for a specific site, choose the location from the Site drop-down menu. Otherwise, leave the default at Universal.
  4. To repeat your Monday access period across the entire work week, click the Copy Mon -> Mon-Fri button; to repeat it for the entire week, click the Copy Mon -> Mon-Sun button.
  5. Once you’ve completed your schedule, click the Save Schedule button under the entry fields.

That’s it! You can always review and adjust your schedule from the Schedule Details page — the kind of convenience you expect with Simply Better Security from Brivo Onair.  



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